Post Pregnancy Workouts: When Is It Safe To Workout Out Post Pregnancy?

words Tammy Hembrow

The general rule of thumb for wanting to start working out post pregnancy is 6 weeks but as we are all different, you will need to check with your GP on when is safe to start working out post pregnancy. 


Once you have the all clear, gradually and progressively increasing your exercise intensity post pregnancy is the perfect way to help your body recover. Like when you were pregnant, remember to hydrate, breath and stick to your nutritious meal plan.


Another key factor on when it's safe to workout post pregnancy is going to be really focussing on your form, opting for quality over quantity for the first few weeks. If you're not sure what the correct form is, you can refer to our videos as reference or reach out to the Tammy Fit team on the profile page of your app.  


Our post pregnancy 5 week program is going to be all you need to start moving your body post birth. It starts slowly with breathing exercises and then as the weeks progress, the sessions start to focus on mind muscle connection - which is going to be more important than ever,  remembering your beautiful body has done something amazing, so listen to it as you recover from your pregnancy and consciously focus on the muscles that need your attention most. 


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