Pregnancy Workouts: You Must Try Pregnancy Yoga

words Tammy Hembrow

You must try pregnancy yoga, our 30 minute prenatal yoga flow will help increase the strength, flexibility and endurance of muscles needed for childbirth.


Pregnancy safe yoga flows that can be repeated until you feel prepped! 


Added reasoning you must try pregnancy yoga,


Reduces stress and anxiety. 

The combination of intentional movement and structured breathing activates the nervous system and blocks cortisol.


Improves blood flow. 

The stretching and movements in yoga help increase blood flow to your heart. Improved blood flow means more oxygen-rich blood is going to your baby. This keeps your baby on track for healthy development.


Betters your labor experience. 

Starting prenatal yoga in any trimester can help you better relax and stay positive once you go into labor. Meditation and breathing exercises have been shown to reduce pain and anxiety during labor. Being confident and building your coping abilities will also help you have a less painful labor experience. 


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You must try pregnancy yoga, available on iOS or Android.