Ultimate Bundle



Get fit with these core accessories! 

Value: $169

Curvy Mat

Our aesthetic Curvy Yoga Mats are Eco-Friendly, Bio Degradable and Recyclable. These deluxe mats are wider and longer than standard mats offering a generous 183cm in length. They sit flat on the floor – no more rolled ends! With a moisture absorption surface and a textured underside these premium mats have excellent slip resistance, stability and traction.

Ankle Straps

Our multifunctional ankle straps are designed for all levels of fitness and maximise results when using the cable machine. The heavy-duty metal ring allows for a variation of weights and is perfect for long term use as you progress with training! 

Booty Bands

In lower body workouts, booty bands help to add pressure, support, or resistance to the leg muscles. Booty bands target the hips and all of their conceivable movements (flexion, extension, abduction, adduction, external or internal rotation).

Core Sliders

Core sliders allow you to use your bodyweight to train with so you can get a challenging workout, without the level of skill and strength required for more complex callisthenics.

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